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McGregory St. MVC with Entrapment

At 9:36 AM on August 24, 2013 Pageland Rescue Squad along with the Pageland Fire Department and First Health EMS responded to a report of a vehicle crash at the intersection of McGregor and Pearl streets in down town Pageland. Responders arrived to find a Camaro had struck a KIA on the passenger’s door, trapping the KIA’s front seat passenger. Responders used the “Jaws of Life” rescue tools to free the KIA’s passenger who was then treated by First Health Paramedics and transported along with the KIA’s driver to CMC-Union in Monroe, N.C. with non-life threatening injuries.
 “This was a fairly typical side impact rescue” explained Pageland Rescue Captain Joey Hendrix. “We stabilized the car on wood blocks, known as cribbing, to prevent any unwanted movement. The battery cables were cut which reduces the risk of fire or the firing of any un-deployed airbags. The patient was covered with a heavy blanket to provide protection from broken glass and jagged metal. Glass that could break unexpectedly during rescue operations was removed and interior trim was pulled out of the way to make sure we were not about to cut into any un-deployed airbags. We then used the Jaws of Life to cut the top and bottom of the door post. This allowed us to swing the back door, door post, and front door out of the way as a single unit, giving paramedics unrestricted access to the patient.”


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