We provide rescue,first responder, and supplemental ambulance service to the Pageland area.

The Pageland Rescue Squad has a threefold mission which is a follows:

  • Provide rescue services for our community
  • Provide first responder services to emergencies
  • Provide supplemental ambulance services during multi-casulity events and disasters


The Pageland Rescue Squad was organized in 1964 to provide rescue services to the Pageland area. Prior to 1964 if you were trapped in a wrecked car your only hope was that the wrecker drivers could pull your car apart enough to free you. If you were lucky enough to still be alive you would be taken to the hospital by the local funeral home. That’s right I said funeral home. In those days the local funeral homes provided the only ambulance service in our area.

Once the rescue squad organized and began operating the local funeral homes stopped providing ambulance services. Although not originally organized to do so the Rescue Squad began providing ambulance service to the Pageland area using an ambulance donated by Sutton Funeral Home. For the next 30 plus years the Pageland Rescue Squad provided the only emergency ambulance and rescue service to the Pageland community.